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OMG She Blogs Too??!

OMG she blogs too..?!

*what can’t she do?!*

how I, Brittney, got started!

Hi! We are so glad you are here! Welcome to the first post on our blog! Let’s start with an introduction to the company and the person who started it all Brittney! We are the aro real estate group – Keller Williams Greater Omaha!

In the beginning there was one, one Realtor® in the family that is! Fun fact for you all, my (Brittney’s) Mom was the first Realtor® in my world. She got her license when I was 11 years old, and it was from the late nights helping her study for her real estate exam to watching her be a complete rockstar that I developed my love and passion for real estate. I was so interested in all that the real estate world had to offer. I loved the idea of being my own boss, making my own rules, and being able to hit whatever goals I wanted. I knew it was what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” So much so that in looking back at every high school paper, journal, or reminisced conversations with old friends/teachers it was the main point of conversation.

Fast forward 10 years; a successful career as a D1 college athlete, a couple major achilles injuries, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing leads us to my very first year as a Licensed Realtor®. My first year in real estate was something we could write a whole blog post on (and maybe we will :)) and for the purposes of keeping this blog post short I will just share that it was a whirlwind. I was fortunate enough to join my Mom’s real estate group and get to sit tight under her wing and follow in her every step. I was able to ask all of my “stupid questions” without the fear of feeling stupid because, well, it was my Mom. She was there for every hiccup, misstep, and awkward cold call conversation.

The first year quickly became the second, followed by the third. It was clear to me that life in the “grown-up” world moved quickly, and as someone who was completely obsessed with helping others and hitting my goals I was fortunate enough to find success pretty quickly. By the time my third year came around I found my real estate “home” at the local Keller Williams brokerage. It was there that I was emerged in all things business building and my mind was stretched to think beyond just “little old me” and into all of the possibilities the real estate world has to offer.

As my client database grew, so did my referral business. I was rocking and rolling (with a new last name at this point in life!) and knew it was time to expand. I say it in hindsight as if it was super easy. In the moment it was scary and big and super “adult-ish.” I hired my first assistant — and it was a total bust. LOL! *Insert another Blog post story!* Not to worry, I failed fast and picked myself back up to hire again. This time, it worked! It was awesome, and I got to lead a rockstar named Hannah who helped me to develop a lot of the systems and marketing ideas that we still use today in our business. Hannah was the one who helped me brainstorm team names and was there when aro was conceived.

If you’re new here (welcome!) aro is pronounced like “arrow” and stands for authentic relationships, real estate experts, outstanding experiences. The name, or acronym if-you-will, was created after literal weeks of throwing different names at the wall to see what would stick. Nothing felt right. There wasn’t any one word that embodied or encompassed all that I wanted my team name to stand for. I didn’t want to go the easy route (no offense to anyone here) of just sticking my last name on it and calling it good because, to me, this was going to be a brand. A living, breathing, stand-alone group that anyone who was lucky enough to join or be a part of or work with in some capacity could have ownership in. They could be proud to put it as part of their name and proud to share that they were apart of something awesome. 

If you’re still reading – go you! This is my/our back story, and that leads us to where aro is today. In an effort to keep you coming back for more we’ll save some of the juicy details (like production numbers and such) for another post! Feel free to reach out if you need anything, or just hang out and stay updated on what’s going on in our world and the real estate world. We’re so happy you’re here.

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