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10 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Big in Spring 2023

10 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Big in Spring 2023

In the coming months of interior design, expect to see bold patterns, high contrast and indigo – lots of indigo! Before you go all-out on decorating, though, take a note from Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Visual Merchandiser, who advises that when incorporating these top 10 home decor trends for spring 2023, it’s important to remember that “less is more and more impactful.” Whatever your favorites from the trends below – from the African influence of tribal designs to the splashes of Shibori dyes – it’s better to lean towards minimalism for the aesthetic to really pop.

Check out the full trend report below for the latest in home decor – and let your favorites inspire your spring refresh!

#1: Indigo

Rich and serene, indigo has always been favorited by interior designers – and this spring, it’s getting some extra love. Play to indigo’s moody nature with inky washes (see #6), or give it a more casual spin with a breezy neutral color scheme.

#2: Unique and Eclectic

Unique and eclectic’ isn’t just about decorating in an unexpected way; it’s also a celebration of culture and personality. Let your furniture and decor tell a story by incorporating unique silhouettes, colors and patterns inspired by your passions.

#3: Tribal

Branching from the umbrella that is ‘unique and eclectic,’ tribal decor emphasizes patterns and textures from all parts of the globe. This spring, expect a heavy influence from Africa with artifact-style accessories, such as woven baskets and pops of terracotta color palettes.

#4: Black

This spring, expect black in every texture and finish, from velvet and leather to natural wood and heavy rug weaves. Useful for grounding colors and adding depth to any space, black has proven itself a design staple that is here to stay.

#5: Coastal Textures

2020 saw a rise in natural wood, distressed surfaces and other marks of the coastal style – and the trend is carried through to spring ’23, stronger than ever. Think neutral hues, white washed finishes and organic textures.

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Brittney McAllister

Team Leader + Listing Specialist

#6: Shibori

Taking a cue from the eclectic and global trends, shibori – along with other ‘inky’ washes and patterns – is dominating decor. Expect to see more and more of blended, washed-out dyes, especially in indigo and black, in throw pillows, blankets and other upholstered accents.

#7: Mixed Metallics

A major design tactic for spring ’23, mixed metallics, when kept toned down in darker hues and even matte finishes, bring out the overall ‘moody’ motifs brought on by an indigo and black color palette.

#8: Geometrics

If Spring ’23 design trends will teach you anything, it’s that geometric patterns don’t have to be limited to throw pillows. Incorporated into bold wall art, table decor and area rugs, groupings, successions and variations of squares, circles and other geometric shapes make a splash.

#9: Graduation

Embracing the tried-and-true design concept of color movement and rhythm, gradation will pack a powerful punch this spring – in small doses. Whereas the traditional line of thinking is to view gradation as a tool to assess how the colors in a room as a whole work together, gradation in spring ’23 will pop up more and more within furniture and accent pieces themselves; look for throw pillows, lamps and rugs with a gradated blend of color to add a soft touch to spring decor.

#10: Contrast

Finally, color pairings high in contrast will continue to take over designs this spring. Some of the strongest combos expected to make appearances? Deep black + fresh white, moody indigo + neutral grey and sparkling metallics + natural wood.

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